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Bonnie Vent’s Connection Channeling in the NOW 09/20/2014

Posted by paranormalnews on Saturday, 20 of September , 2014 at 2:43 pm

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Connection Channeling

What do I need to know NOW!

Date:  09/20/14

Time: 1:01pm PT

Greetings Dear Ones,

So what do you feel you should do with this day?  Might it be a day to spend exploring your true self?

By true self we mean without pretense or the expectations of others.  You are a spiritual being.  How much do you know about yourself through your own eyes?  Have you tapped into your true passion?  Will today be the day? If not, what excuse are you using that is keeping you at a distance from yourself and perhaps others as well.  This is a time when partnering on your true purpose and passion is so very important.  Many have learned to balance and become comfortable.  You are invited to add new elements and play with a new balance.  Find interesting energies and explore their potential.  You will be amazed.


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